This page is *very* out of date, however, I’m leaving it here for historical purposes. My latest open source work can be found on Github, and non-open source work on my LinkedIn profile. (Aug ’18)

The following is a short list of some of the more significant things that I’ve created (and finished) in reverse-chronological order. Some of my open-source projects are not included in this list, and can be found on my GitHub profile here. Everything here was made with PHP and MySQL unless otherwise indicated.

Node39 Consulting (June 2013) was custom-designed using HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript’s Backstretch library. I use the name Node39 for any consulting work and hosting that I provide for my web development clients.

Breeziee (July 2012)

Breeziee has a bit of an interesting history. The site has been re-written three times so far since it’s inception in November 2011, with the first revision using Amazon AWS S3 to host files, and the second reducing the functionality to a paywall host. A much nicer redesign was created, however, has yet to have been implemented.

PayMe (MintChip Proof-of-Concept) (July 2012)
PayME is a proof-of-concept web app built in 48 hours that allows anyone to request money and get paid by anyone else over the internet through the MintChip platform. You can use it to pay someone in another location, just like an Interac eTransfer (Email Money Transfer). The ChallengePost submission for this app can be found here.

Tyderium Toys (May 2012) was an eCommerce site built on CubeCart for a local eBay seller who wanted to start selling on their own site rather than just eBay.


Video Game Reproductions Online (April 2012)

Video Game Reproductions Online was my “side-business/hobby” for a number of years. Each of my repros (NES only at the moment) were built and soldered by hand, and worked just like the originals.

MobiCard Marketing (August 2011)

MobiCard Marketing was my first “startup” site. It was designed to be a cheap, cross-platform mobile business card solution. Defunct as of August 2012.

Instanon (July 2011)

Instanon is a basic, free anonymous chatroom creator. It was designed to be lightweight and for use over the TOR network.


Skrawlr Pages (January 2011)

Skrawlr Pages is, put simply, the easiest way to showcase your entire online life into a single page in under 60 seconds. It was built off of the source, was the first site of mine that got media attention, and was written about here, here, here, and in several other places on the web.

HowsTheWeather.In (Late 2010)

HowsTheWeather.In was a minimalistic weather site that used data from Google’s (Unofficial) Weather API to gather data. UPDATE (26/08/2012): As the Google Weather API was discontinued on August 26th 2012, this site no longer works correctly. (July 2010) is a Joomla Content Management System-based site, themed and designed for a local Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist.


GameRoulette (Mid 2009)

GameRoulette was a random flash game player and one of the first things I developed in PHP. I never actually hosted it as a site myself, and instead, sold around a dozen copies of the script through the DigitalPoint Forums.