Cards Against Humanity – All-White/Ink-Saver Edition

As you probably already know, Cards Against Humanity is an awesome card game. Unfortunately it’s also sold out here in Canada.

I decided to make an all-white set because I wanted to print a set at home while not using tons of ink. It was made by inverting the “black” card pages in photoshop. I scribbled on the backs of the “black” cards once printed with a marker to make them easier to differentiate from the “white” cards while playing.

You can download the all-white set here.

Credits for the original file go to Cards Against Humanity.

8 thoughts on “Cards Against Humanity – All-White/Ink-Saver Edition

  1. You have my eternal thanks. I was already screwing around with photoshop and whatnot, only to screw it up even more.

    Thank you, and thank you even more after I introduced them to my friends.

    This shit will surely make my evenings awesome.

  2. thanks so much! you know what you could do is print the white cards on normal paper and the black cards on coloured paper 🙂

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