Coney Island Boxer Restoration Project – Installing The Electromagnet

As it turns out, the designers of this machine were crafty in choosing parts. After receiving the electromagnet in the mail, I did some research on it’s part number and manufacturer, only to find that it’s actually a starter solenoid for a number of Fiat-like vehicles built in the 80s, most notably, the Lada. From the Bulgarian manufacturer, Elprom Elhovo‘s, website, I discovered that the solenoid (model VES or ВЕС in Russian) was a compatible starter solenoid for the following vehicles:

  • LADA : 2101 – 2107, 2121
  • FIAT : 124, 125; 127 Berlina, Special – X 1/9; 128 Berlina, 3P, Familiare, Coupe, Special, Rally; 124 Berlina, Familiare, Special
  • AUTOBIANCHI : A 112, E, Arbath, A 111Primila
  • MURAT : 124 – 131
  • SKODA : 1202 – 1203
  • OM : B10

That said, it can be found for around $30 from various Fiat and Lada part suppliers, or even cheaper if you live in the EU. I even found a listing for the exact same part on a Bulgarian version of Craigslist for around $16.

The solenoid I received
The solenoid I received
The $16 solenoid on Bulgarian Craigslist
The $16 solenoid on Bulgarian Craigslist. Note that the text on the packaging directly translates to what’s on the English version.

It’s somewhat annoying that I paid $120 for a $30 part, however, exorbitant prices seem to be the norm with parts purchased from amusement distributors.

That aside, installing the solenoid was a breeze. The black wire was connected to the matching connector on the top, and the grey wire was connected to the body of the solenoid. To fit the hammer on the solenoid, I had to cut the centre piece off the solenoid with a hacksaw, and use a lock nut and bolt to hold the hammer and solenoid together. The solenoid was then screwed into the boxer loosely, as it made a loud buzzing noise and would not close when tightly secured. See below for pictures from the installation process:

The solenoid connectors
The solenoid connectors
Where the solenoid screws in on the Boxer
Where the solenoid screws in on the Boxer
How the solenoid was wired
How the solenoid was wired
The newly-installed solenoid
The newly-installed solenoid. If you do hear a buzzing noise, then try loosening the solenoid a little.
Another view of the newly-installed solenoid. Notice how the hammer and solenoid are connected.
Another view of the newly-installed solenoid. Notice how the hammer and solenoid are connected.

I also received the punchball and pad, and installed them as shown below:

Punchball install
Punchball install
Retracted punchball
Retracted punchball

With these new parts installed, the boxer now works perfectly. In my next and final post on the boxer, I’ll go over the finishing touches and include links to some of the resources that I collected while completing this project.

What’s Missing:

  • 1 Top Halogen Light Bulb
  • Punchball
  • Solenoid/Electromagnet
  • Coin Acceptor
  • Some Screws + Nuts

What’s Needs Fixing:

  • Plastic Display Holder – It looks like someone took a sledgehammer to it…
  • Buttons – All of them are mismatched, and one’s sticky.
  • Foam Hand Guard
  • Many of the Mini Lightbulbs for the Strength Indicator are burned out
  • Display Board – Wires… Everywhere!
  • Cabinet needs some buffing/TLC
  • Coin/Mech door on the back needs a lock + screws

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