Coney Island Boxer Restoration Project – First Look

Here’s a few images of the exterior of the unit before I’ve done anything – It isn’t in that bad shape. The inside is a mess, with broken plastic, screws, nuts, and more everywhere – At least a copy of the manual + the parts list was included. The bad display board was also included, so I’ll try my hand at fixing it in a day or so and post the results.

2013-03-07 17.26.20
The display cover still has it’s protective film on, so it’s not in as bad shape as it appears.
2013-03-07 17.26.26
The white thing hanging down from the top is the foam hand guard. It’s missing the black cover, so I’ll have to either remove it, or blend it in somehow.
2013-03-07 17.26.53
This is just about the only thing on there that says Coney Island.

What’s Missing:

  • 1 Top Halogen Light Bulb
  • Punchball
  • Solenoid/Electromagnet
  • Coin Acceptor
  • Some Screws + Nuts

What’s Needs Fixing:

  • Plastic Display Holder – It looks like someone took a sledgehammer to it…
  • Buttons – All of them are mismatched, and one’s sticky.
  • Foam Hand Guard
  • Many of the Mini Lightbulbs for the Strength Indicator are burned out
  • Display Board – Wires… Everywhere!
  • Cabinet needs some buffing/TLC
  • Coin/Mech door on the back needs a lock + screws

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